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IMAP doesn't work for users (was: Imap)

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  • IMAP doesn't work for users (was: Imap)

    Exchange 2003 has been set-up. Users can connect using Outlook client and the web client. Users cannot connect using IMAP.

    In the services IMAP is turned on and running. For the users, IMAP is enabled. All users (just a few in a test environment) are domain admins and administrators of server.

    This is happening inside the LAN so I know it isn't a firewall issue.

    One person who was the original domain admin can get IMAP to work, other users who were added to domain admins don't work. Other users were added as admins to try and figure out why the IMAP doesn't work for them.

    SSL is turned off on clients.

    Any thoughts and/or ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Imap

    Saying that IMAP doesn't work doesn't really help.
    What doesn't happen?
    Can you telnet to the port and get a response?

    Are you using the correct format for the credentials?
    You need to provide a lot more information.

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      Re: IMAP doesn't work for users (was: Imap)

      yes, I can telnet to the port 143.

      When I set up a IMAP client (Mac Mail or Thunderbird) when I supply the credentials the server refuses and says to check the username ad password. I have also tried my username as the FQDM.

      The credentials I use are the same ones I use to successfully log into the web access. Also, with the username and password, I am able to log into the domain as an administrator.

      I can use the same credentials in Outlook and successfully connect.

      Here is the error I get:

      Trying to login to the Exchange server failed. Make sure the username and password are correct, then click Continue.


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        Re: IMAP doesn't work for users (was: Imap)

        Make sure that the Exchange alias and the username are the same.


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          Re: IMAP doesn't work for users (was: Imap)


          Thank you very much, that was exactly the problem. For some reason some users have their alias as their login name and others it is like a display name. I'll figure that out later!

          Thanks again, changing that to my login name worked immediatley.



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            Re: IMAP doesn't work for users (was: Imap)

            For whatever reason, POP and IMAP don't work unless they are the same. Glad I could help.