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Store.exe Consuming High Cpu

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  • Store.exe Consuming High Cpu

    I have Two backend Exchange 2003 Servers with Symantec Client security for exchange installed on them. Suddenly from past 3-4 days One of my Backend server is performing very poorly, Things which i have noticed is.

    1. Store.exe consuming 60 - 70% of CPU
    2. Mails are stuckup in Pending submission Queue they flow very slowly
    3. If the mails clear Pending submission queue they stuck up at Local Delivery and only after several hours the Queue gets cleared.

    The Users have to wait long to receive their mails its really annoying..

    Things i have done.
    1. Restarted SMTP service
    2. Stopped the Symantec Client Security for Exchange.
    3. Restarted the Information Store Service.

    But Still the problem occurs...
    Any suggestion and help will be appriciated...
    S G

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    Re: Store.exe Consuming High Cpu

    The problem is the Symantec software. Stopping or disabling it is not enough. You need to remove it completely and then reboot the machine. You should find that store.exe will then settle down.
    If you have file level AV on the machine then that should be removed as well.

    Once you have rebooted the server you might find that you can reinstall the Symantec software and things will work correctly again.

    That is of course presuming that the messages in the queues are legitimate.

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