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Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

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  • Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

    I have a problem on an exchange 2003 box SP2. Intermittently users are having problems connecting, looking at the event logs there are a number of ID errors thrown up :

    MSExchangeSA : 9074, 9143, 9057, 9176

    MSExchangeDSAccess : 2103

    MSExchangeAL : 8026

    I have been able to restore client access short term by restarting the DNS client on the server but I obviously want to get rid of the problem.There seems to be multiple problems with LDAP and DNS connection to the GC.
    I was thinking about an exchange reinstall over the existing system but without the option of performing in a test environment I was looking for advice on what to expect.Any advice and ideas greatly received and appreciated.

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    Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

    i wouldnt reinstall quite yet, as it loks as your errors are topology related.

    the problem could be a stale GC or possibly from the improper removal of a DC/GC in your org. was exchange installed on a DC at any point, particularly the box now... the 9143 is similar, and refers to not finding a GC also... actually all the errors 9074, 9143, 9057, 9176 are all GC errors of one sort or another.

    2103 is the GCs are not responding... i will not go further into detail, as this is all the same issue still. GCs are not working correctly.

    maybe you can manually specify the proper DC/GC. go into the sys man, then drill down to the back end server. right-click and select the properties for that server...

    you will have this screen:

    here, you can specify servers that you 1. know exist and 2. know work.

    if that ends the problem, then clean up your AD and give it another go.

    if im incorrect, maybe sembee will come clean up MY mess and set ya str8.

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      Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

      Download, install , and run the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant on the Exchange server. It will identify the problem and give you information on how to correct it.


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        Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

        Joe - The Troubleshooting assistant doesnt show any errors.

        James - I checked the back end server properties and the Directory Access tab referenced only the GC/ First DC, I manually added the second DC to the list.

        There are no error logs on the DC/GC and the exchange server was never installed on a DC. I will keep an eye on the logs tonight from home and see if the error returns.


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          Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

          It's back......

          Same errors as before mainly topology related, yesterday I promoted a second DC to be a GC in the hope that if the problem was located on the original GC then the second one would be contactable.When the problem hits the logs state that both GC's are down (which isn't the case). From my exchange MMC I lose the ability to browse system manager and ADUC until I restart the DNS client.Really struggling to get a solution to this, most of the Microsoft KB's point to a newly promoted GC requiring a reboot or a GC which has been removed, neither of which apply.


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            Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

            Sounds like TCP Chimney issues.

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              Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

              Thanks for the heads up on that Sembee,
              Yesterday in desperation I added manual host entries for the DC/GC on the Exchange box, the error didn't appear overnight but I applied the hotfix this morning and removed the host entries.No more errors....phew.The server in question does indeed use Broadcom Extreme NICs and I have scheduled downtime tonight to update the driver version.
              I will monitor overnight and post karma if all clear tomorrow.
              thanks again.


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                Re: Intermittent Exchange 2003 error

                I updated the NIC driver last night and the error came back straight after reboot, I then reapplied the hotfix and it has been running fine since.
                Karma added thank you Sembee.