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Cannot see new customized Address List in OWA

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  • Cannot see new customized Address List in OWA

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my problem.

    I made a new Adress List in the System Manager of Exch 2003 SP2.
    My Oulook users are seening it without any problem but my OWA users aren't (they only see Global Address List and their personal contacts).

    Is it possible to share the new address list with them ? If yes, how do I do it ?

    PS : its not a security issue I guess because I let the default security conf (authenticated users have rights to see the address list).

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    Re: Cannot see new cutomized Address List in OWA

    OWA will only show you the user's default GAL and their own Contacts list. You cannot display any additional lists that you may create and that behaviour cannot be changed.

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      Re: Cannot see new customized Address List in OWA

      Thank You.


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        Re: Cannot see new customized Address List in OWA

        Here's how you can do it:

        1. Create a group for all users except the users who you want to use this new GAL.
        2. Remove Authenticated Users and Everyone from the permissions of the Default GAL.
        3. Give this group Read (including List object and Open Address List) permissions on the Default Address List.

        4. Do the same thing with the new address list except use a group that only the users who should see this address list are in.

        5. Do this for the address lists in both the All Address Lists and the All Global Address Lists containers.

        Now these users will only see the new address list. Be warned that they will no longer see the Default Global Address List in Outlook and OWA.

        This may not be exactly what you want, but this is how you configure address lists in a hosting environment to keep them segregated by customer.