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  • OWA 2003 logon.asp page

    Can anybody tell me how to change the constants on the logon.asp page to remove the client and security option or just the security part? What I am trying to do is make the client use the premium and public options automatically without the ability to change them. So, basically all I want them to do is enter their username and password, and that's it. Please help, I have been searching all over the internet and can't really find anything helpfull.


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    Re: OWA 2003 logon.asp page

    Hi Troutman,

    If you turn off Forms Based Authentication then they won't see those options to be able to change them.



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      Re: OWA 2003 logon.asp page

      There are tons of articles on customising the forms based page:

      Turning off the page is not really a solution as it reduces the security of the OWA deployment by removing the cookie control over logins.

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        Re: OWA 2003 logon.asp page

        I can't turn off the forms based authentication page because I am using ssl.

        I have read alot of articles on how to customize the logon.asp page, but nobody can tell me in detail how to remove the security option. From what I can see in the code, this has java script controls, which I am not to familiar with. I don't want to remove the security, I just don't want it displayed on the page for users to change.

        Part of the code on line 98 has an option to turn on or off the display, but I don't know what to change after line 98.


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          Re: OWA 2003 logon.asp page

          I'm curious about this as well. I have not been able to find any articles to see if these options can be removed from the logon page.