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  • Yanchri
    started a topic Transaction time

    Transaction time


    How can i improve transaction time on our exchange 2003 mail server ?
    According to, our transaction time is 29secs +

    Please help, we are getting non delivery of mail because of this transaction time problem(s).

  • James Haynes
    Re: Transaction time

    there are lots of things you can do to increase performance on your exchange server...

    move the mailboxes to their own drive. the more spindles, the better...

    the same for the transaction logs. separate drive, the more spindles the better.

    you can separate the tmp and temp directories to another drive, along with the swap partition or pagefile, whatever you wanna call it, to another *local* drive. dont put your swap on the SAN... thats not really cool.

    you can make sure the memory settings in the boot.ini are modified to suite your server if you have 4 gigs of RAM.

    if you have AV software, make sure you are excluding the exchange directories and streaming folders from the scan.

    upgrade the RAM to a faster compatible type.

    get a faster CPU.

    you could also get a faster server...

    it depends on where the hangup is at. is it the disk I/O, or CPU util, or dram turn-around... could be a lot of things.

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