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Exchange mail issues

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  • Exchange mail issues

    Hi all,

    I have a question.

    I have 2 exchange servers they are both part of different forests and different domains but they are all on the same subnet. The both have real world IP addresses. XXX.XXX.XXX.98 and XXX.XXX.XXX.30. People from one server cannot sedn e-mails to people on the other server. The e-mails just sit there in the queue. With a Retry on the queue and Queued on the message. Why? Other e-mails can go in and out but not between these 2 domains.

    Exchange server 1 can send to exchange server 2 but not vice versa.

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    Re: Exchange mail issues

    Can the servers actually talk to each other?

    telnet 25

    Are you natting the external address?
    What is probably happening is the servers are doing an nslookup on the MX record, getting the external IP address and trying to send to that. The firewall is blocking it.

    The easiest solution is to create an SMTP connector on each server (or an additional connector if you already have one). Remove the * from the Address Space tab and enter the public domain name of the other server (so and make sure it has the lowest cost.
    Set the SMTP connector to use a smart host and enter the internal IP address of the other server in [] - so []

    Repeat on the other server.

    Exchange will then ignore any MX records and use the SMTP connector instead.

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      Re: Exchange mail issues

      Thanks alot, that worked like a charm. I only had to do that one the server that could not send to the other server. There was no need to do it on the one that could.