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Exchange 2003 back up

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  • Exchange 2003 back up

    My Exchange Database says it hasn't been backed up since 20/12/2007 - even though ntbackup runs OK with no errors. I have also run eseutil /ml and there is no problem with the log files although there are log files since the 20/12/2007.

    Has anyone any idea what initiates the log files and updates the date - or any other checks I should make - to get it all going again.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 back up

    After running various eseutil commands including eseutil /ml all OK eseutil /g gave errors so I suppose my database is corrupt.

    I can also exmerge all the mailboxes to pst files OK - and have done so as a precaution.

    I am considering restoring from the last known good backup which is now some 3 months old using nt backup and overwite the current database - will Exchange automatically apply all the log files, which are currently there from the date of this last backup, and are intact as tested by eseutil /ml

    Should I restore everything in the folder - in this case mdbdata or only slected files if so which?

    Has anyone experience of this type of restore - does it usually work OK or are there additional steps/precautions I should take.

    Alternatively can I just delete the corrupt database or create a new one somehow and exmerge all the mailboxes back in?

    Any practical advice would be apprceiated especially from someone who has done it and can share the benefits and pitfalls for various restore procesures.

    Thanks in advance fro any help


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      Re: Exchange 2003 back up

      Hi Tonguers,

      I would rather suggest to create another store. Mount the new store and move the mail boxes in phases basis to the new store. Once everything is completed then try to dismount the old store. This would be an easy plan.

      Hope this helps you !!!!!


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        Re: Exchange 2003 back up


        I have Exchange standard and can only have one store and a Recovery storage group.

        But thanks for the advice.


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          Re: Exchange 2003 back up

          am new with exchange and i also just have question is what would cause the store to go corrupt?? and what precautions can be taken to avoid that? and what test do u do to find out it corrupt?


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            Re: Exchange 2003 back up

            Corruptions on Exchange DB can be caused by several reasons, some include misconfigured AV software, problematic migrations that were performed in the past, time and grinding of the DB by internal processes. Not all DBs get corrupted, but you should be prepared to know what to do in case you get it.

            Daniel Petri
            Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
            MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT


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              Re: Exchange 2003 back up

              Then ....install a new server in the exchange form..(it can be virtual machine, if you dont have phisical resources but not suggested if you have more mail boxes). Once installation is done then move the mail boxes and rehome all the folders to the second server. Decommission the first server.

              But before decommissioning please use the micrsoft documentation.



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                Re: Exchange 2003 back up

                Just bringing you up to date on progress - or lack of it - Tried everywhich way to restore old adatabase which it did OK and replay log files (since corruption) but it fell over everytime.

                I had checked the log file integrity with eseutil /ml and it passed with no errors going over the logs from the restored database and including all the logs from the current database and gave a clean bill of health as a complete sequence of files but when mounting the store the log files were replayed to a certain point and then fell over with an unexpected error.

                So now installing a second exchange sever which is now recognised within exchange system manager - and going to move some exchange mailboxes from the old to the new.

                Any handy hints, precautions or other helpful tips to ensure this procedure is a success.

                Also what was meant in the last reply by 'rehome' please after we have completed the mailbox move.

                Thanks for any help and advice