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OWA https not responding, nothing changed

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  • OWA https not responding, nothing changed

    Hi there,

    I have a Windows 2003 R2 server running Exchange 2003.

    I've had RPC over HTTPS and OWA running without incident for over 6 months and now suddenly, I cannot get to the OWA page.

    I'll hit enter on the address and never get the login screen (it just times out), BUT the weird part is sometimes it will work. Maybe once out of 20 times. It'll let me login, surf my mailbox, etc. I'll hit LogOff and try to log back in and NO GO.

    I'm stumped. It works locally, firewall is allowing 80 and 443. No one is slamming the router. And of course, no errors in event viewer.

    The other weird part is looking at Ethereal (filtering my address and 443 traffic) I get no packets when it is timing out.

    Anyone? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: OWA https not responding, nothing changed

    If it works internally then it definately sounds like a router / firewall issue.

    What sort of router / firewall are you using?
    Double check to ensure the correct ports are open to the correct host.

    Is it possible to swap it out with another one to test?

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      Re: OWA https not responding, nothing changed

      has the IP changed on the box?
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