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    current: - nt domain consisting of 1 * PDC , 3 BDC's (each running exchange 5.5 - one organisation) and 1 * 2000 member server (sms 2). - the domain has no users that login to it for anything except exchange -

    so here's what i want to do
    1. install new server with 2003
    2. install additional nt4 BDC and then take offline after replication
    3. upgrade existing pdc to 2003 - installing the dns as part of install

    question - at this point can administration of the exchange etc still be carried out from the admin utils on any of the bdc's

    4. move all the roles to the new 2003 server , install the dns etc and then when replicated and ok - remove the former pdc

    question - can i move the users around to different ou's now - i assume that AD will not see the attributes for 5.5 and not interfere

    5. install a 2 new 2003 servers - as a member servers and run the exchange setup to include it into the existing setup

    6. setup the ad connection and move the mailboxes from the original 3 servers to the 2 servers

    7 remove all the stuff to be left with 4 servers - 1 dc and 3 members -