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Forcing Exchange to send local address via the internet

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  • Forcing Exchange to send local address via the internet


    I'm looking for a way to force Exchange 2003 to send an e-mail via smtp over the internet even though the recipient address is used by a mailbox on the same Exchange box. Seems like a dumb thing to do but please read on.

    Scenario - A client of mine receives an e-mail and his Exchange server ( say the address is "[email protected]") forwards a copy to a mailbox on my Exchange server ([email protected]).

    From there I "push" send it to his handheld device. This all works fine, but the mailbox on my exchange server has to have his address ([email protected]) as the primary e-mail address and ([email protected]) as a secondary.

    This is required so that after the message arrives on his handheld he can reply to it and the reply will go out with the correct originators address ([email protected]).

    Again, this all works sweet, except now no-one from my organisation can send to him (at [email protected]) because my Exchange server recognises the address as belonging to a local mailbox and sends it there, which results in it being forwarded to his handheld, but not to his Exchange server.

    Hope all that made sense, but basically I'm looking for a way to ignore the existence of a local address for a specific user (or his whole domain) and always send using the smtp connector.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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    force exchange to send via internet

    I have a similiar situation. Please let me know if you find a solution.