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Problems with permissions adding addresses to a mailbox

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  • Problems with permissions adding addresses to a mailbox

    I have recently been tasked with setting up a couple of users with access to administer users without giving them the keys to the kingdom as it were.
    I am running Win2k3 latest service packs and hotfixes with Exchange 2k3 latest service pack and hotfixes.
    I have granted them the rights required at the OU level for the accounts that do not have administrator rites, I have also gone into exchange and given them Exchange Admin privs (not exchange admin full as that grants them a lot more privs than I wish to give them)
    The problem that I am running into, when they go to either add a secondary SMTP address, or change primary email address, it pops up with an error stating access denied. I have beat my head against this wall for a few days now, and can't seem to see what I am missing,
    I have gone through the extent of making sure that they had read/write to proxyaddress, mail, homemdb, homemta and a few others by explicitly defining them, but still to no avail. Any assistance or pointers on where I am to head from here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Problems with permissions adding addresses to a mailbox

    Well, found my own solution. Apparently, when I initially granted the user in question permission. it didn't take properly or something along those lines. As all I did was remove them from the delegated role of Exchange Administrator from the site and then re-add them, and magically(after waiting to make sure replication had occurred) it started functioning properly. Most annoying.