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Resource: Changing subject , notes without changing time

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  • Resource: Changing subject , notes without changing time

    We have succesfully set up a resource for our conference room.

    When booked properly, people include the room as a resource and get a "succesfully booked" pop up note.

    Also, if the time changes and they send an update that works too and they get a similar pop up.

    However, if they are just changing the subject or notes without updating the time, they get a ""You do not have permission to send to this recipient" message and the appointment in the resource doesn't get updated.

    Luckily if they change the time slightly (by a minute) and send the update again - the appointment is brought up to date again and they get a "success" pop up.

    Q: Do I really need to tell people to adjust the time by a minute in cases where they just want to update non-time info?