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Introducing Rpc over Http in a only BE scenario

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  • Introducing Rpc over Http in a only BE scenario

    In our organization we have 4 BE based on Exchange 2003 Sp2. We have to introduce the RPC over Http(s) functionality. We have the possibility to introduce a new machine based on a Exchange 2003 Sp2 to be a frontend Rpc over Http proxy. I want to know if itís necessary to set this machine to be a Frontend Exchange server or itís only necessary to set this new machine as a FE Rpc over Http proxy. I donít want to change the actual mail routing.

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    Re: Introducing Rpc over Http in a only BE scenario

    You don't have to install Exchange on it, or configure it as a FE. You only need RPC Proxy + IIS on it.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Introducing Rpc over Http in a only BE scenario

      Personally I would install Exchange on it and set it as a frontend server and use it for all remote access - so OWA, RPC over HTTPS, ActiveSync and POP3/IMAP. It will make your deployment much easier.

      Remember frontend servers are not there just for email routing, they are there for load primarily.

      However you may want to consider using the frontend server for email routing as well, as it can provide a good single point of entry/exit which can make dealing with DNS entries much easier. Things get messy with multiple backends and getting the email to flow internally and externally correctly in a controlled manner.

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