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RPC over HTTP deployement senario ?

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  • RPC over HTTP deployement senario ?

    I have been looking into deploying RPC over HTTP in our environment and believe it would be a great addition. Currently we have 2 Domain Controllers running Server 2003 and also a dedicated box for Exchange 2003 Std Edition. On all of the deployment scenarios I could find they are either about deploying on a single box that is your global catalog server and has exchange on it or in a environment where you have an exchange front-end server/back-end server's. Since I am in a multi-server environment that currently does not have a front-end/back-end scenario is RPC over HTTP possible?


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    Re: RPC over HTTP deployement senario ?

    Yes it is and it doesn't require Exchange to be on a DC\GC. Do a Google search for Exchange Server 2003 RPC over HTTP Deployment Scenarios.doc to find the info on the various scenarios or send me a private message with your email address and I'll email the document to you.


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      Re: RPC over HTTP deployement senario ?

      Would my scenario still be considered a single server deployment scenario ?


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        Re: RPC over HTTP deployement senario ?

        If you only have one Exchange server, then yes.


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          Re: RPC over HTTP deployment scenario ?

          There seems to be an awful lot of confusion on RPC over HTTPS scenarios, which doesn't help with Microsoft's documentation appearing that you can only deploy the feature on a single server with SBS, or with full product using a frontend/backend scenario.

          As already pointed out if you have Exchange on a dedicated machine then you have a single server scenario and need to make registry changes to both the Exchange server and at least one of the domain controllers - which must be a Windows 2003 DC/GC.

          Daniel has a version of instructions elsewhere on this web site, I have slightly different instructions here:

          Do ensure that you are using a commercial SSL certificate, if you are not then you will have many problems.

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            Re: RPC over HTTP deployement senario ?

            Awesome post Sembee! That was exactly what I was looking for, it clears up a lot of confusion!