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  • prof only Certification Authority

    i have big problem with exchange server 2003
    i setup exchange srv 2003 on windows server 2003
    and all is ok and make out look web access to but user and pass word
    like this link
    but the problems is alwayes ask me about Certification Authority and i have to accept Certification always he request always ask me and i have to accept
    i wana this is automatic accept and i wana dont request this
    plz help me in this prb

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    Re: prof only Certification Authority

    You need to replace your home grown certificate with a purchased certificate from a trusted source.
    There are a number of these available.

    RapidSSL: - US$60/year. They have a 30 day trial certificate which you can use to get used to the process. If you get a trial certificate then update then you will a discount from the full certificate.

    GoDaddy: - US$20/year. Trusted by most Windows Mobile devices, the install is a little more complicated, but only adds a few minutes to the install process.

    InstallSSL: - US$80/year. If issued from the correct root then trusted by most Windows Mobile devices as well.

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      Re: prof only Certification Authority

      thanks for replay and i will try resolve this proplem by y answer
      thank u agien