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distribution groups question in exchange 2003

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  • distribution groups question in exchange 2003

    Hello all

    this is my first post on here so please bear with me :-s
    Ive been working in my present job only 6 weeks!

    I've received a request for two generic email addresses to be created for two different sites we have here at my work

    then these generic emails need to send the emails to a list of people.

    this would just be a distribution group and email address which is easy to set up


    my problem comes when the people who receive the emails from the generic on need to send emails back. Is is possible to set it up so they just click reply and the email goes back to the person who sent it and not the generic email.

    Many thanks for any help!

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    Re: distribution groups question in exchange 2003

    That should happen anyway. If the address was used a group then the from address should be the user. Hitting reply sends the message back to the original sender.

    Are you completing the From field so that the message comes FROM the group?

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