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  • Event ID 2103

    Hi all

    Hope you can help me with this one.

    Windows Server 2k3 sp2
    exchange 2003 sp2

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: MSExchangeDSAccess
    Event Category: Topology
    Event ID: 2103
    Date: 2/19/2008
    Time: 4:27:13 PM
    User: N/A
    Computer: SERVEXCH
    Process MAD.EXE (PID=1980). All Global Catalog Servers in use are not responding:

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    Re: Event ID 2103

    Well I take it your exchange server still has network conectivity ?

    If so check all your active directory servers are up and are able to be conencted

    If so find which are your Global Catalog servers :

    Make sure they are all up and runnign correctly.

    Hope thats some sort of help !



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      Re: Event ID 2103

      The error means what it says. One or more of the global catalogs are not responding to Exchange. As for the cause, there could be numerous. Without knowing your network topology I wouldn't know where to begin with suggestions on where to look.

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        Re: Event ID 2103

        Download and install the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant on the Exchange server and run it and select the "Performance Troubleshooter" and then the "Exchange processes are failing" tasks and see what they report.


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          Re: Event ID 2103

          you could also utilize "dcdiag" with the switches to check all DCs and GCs.

          C:> dcdiag /s:<DomainController> /v /a (to check specific dc's)

          if the test isnt run from a DC, you will need to specify the srvs name.
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