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Trapping email without subject lines

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  • Trapping email without subject lines

    My users have a bad habit of not using a subject line in their emails, both interoffice and email sent outside of our office.

    I want to trap those emails and I was wondering if there was a built in feature in Exchange 2003 that would allow that.

    I've searched and about the only thing I can find is software add ons.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Trapping email without subject lines

    not free really.

    you could use archivesync to journal all the email sent and received, and store it on an SQL dB, create an appropriate index, then query for messages with the subject line = null...

    my GFI will do that, but exchange will not natively do that without some minor setup changes.
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      Re: Trapping email without subject lines

      You could also look at Policy Patrol to either trap emails without a subject line or put in something at least semi appropriate
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