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    I've followed these instructions (using windows authentication instead of ldap) and it has worked - so thank you.

    Through ISA 2006 we allow 2 websites, one a basic site and one OWA, the basic site is very fast but OWA is slow, sometimes unusable and sometimes fails to load 100%. Internally it works very fast and i know our internet speed up and down is suficiant as our other website works as it should.

    Are there any tests, tweaks or advice, could the problem be down to SMS (symantec Mail Security for Exchange)?

    Thank you in advanced


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    Re: OWA Slow

    verify physical connections. is everything connected correctly? any switch port errors? any flapping? match duplex settings manually if any doubt...

    check logon servers availability via the ISA server. make sure they are actually available, otherwise your screwed first attempt.

    verify DNS is configured correctly for both the machine and the enterprise. run a dcdiag /s:<DC> /v, netdiag, nslookup, all the rest and verify that all tests pass.

    post back with results.
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