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  • Adding MX records

    Hi all
    Just wondering if anyone can give me some pointers. Using Exchange 2003 and from time to time mail will not go to some domains. Can I add their mx records to my dns? Will this help mail reach the recipients? The usual error is :
    "Reason: Have been trying to send to for 01:18 hours. Will continue to try and send for 6 days 22:42 hours."
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: Adding MX records

    You can't add their MX records to your DNS because your DNS is not authorative for their DNS zones. Your DNS server would need to be authorative for their zones and have a copy of their zone files. Also, the problem is probably not a failure to resolve the MX record for the domains in question but rather some other problem like connectivity, remote mail server problems, etc. As a test run nslookup on your Exchange server and make sure it can resolve the A and MX records for the domains in question and then telnet to the mail server(s) for the domains in question from your Exchange server to see if that works. Check your event logs and SMTP log for any clues to where the problem exists.


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      Re: Adding MX records

      In cases like this, the first thing I would suggest that you do is confirm the MX records are on the internet and then see if you can telnet to port 25 of the MX record server. If you can then there is likely a problem with your server somewhere.
      If you cannot then either the server is down or there is a connection problem somewhere. Use some of the online tools to see if the Internet can connect to the server.

      If you want to get the emails out, then use an SMTP connector to route the email via your ISPs SMTP server.

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