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Outlook RPC user name issue

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  • Outlook RPC user name issue

    Hey all,

    I have an Exchange 2003 server with SP2 running on Windows 2003 SP1 set up and running fine with RPC over HTTP but.......

    For some reason, when the users open Outlook, only the user name portion of the user name is retained not the domain and user name. It is also requiring me to enter the full domain name domain.local instead of just the NETBIOS name.

    I have at least 50 servers and 1000 or more clients deploy with the same setup and have never encountered this on any of them before, I have always been able to use just the NETBIOS name and the domain\ has been persistent from session to session.

    At first I assumed it was a client issue on their PCs and some software on their machines was causing it, when I got home, I created a profile for thier server on my pesonal laptop and encountered the same thing. I have profiles for all my customer on my laptop and none on them do this so now I suspect it's a server side issue.

    Any idea what/where to look?


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    Re: Outlook RPC user name issue

    Are you using NTLM or basic authentication (or both saying that).

    Because I have found if a user uses NTLM it takes the domain from the machine and only shows the username .. even if you type it in next time its gone.

    Might be a place to look .. although I might be completely off the mark.



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      Re: Outlook RPC user name issue

      Basic.......the machines aren't doamin members