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SSL IMAP broken after updating cert - help

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  • SSL IMAP broken after updating cert - help


    I was trying to resolve an issue today with our SSL OWA. It stopped working recently and I noticed that the cert had expired. It had expired months ago and Iím sure that SSL OWA was working but I decided to re-up the current cert since things werenít working. The process went fine and now the cert is good for 2 years. The result of this though is now my IMAP clients canít access Exchange with SSL. Non SSL is fine. Iím not sure what I did? I read that I have to config ďmultiple identities for this websiteĒ on the Advanced Web Site Identification page from the Web Site TAB of my web site properties in IIS. Do I need to add port 993 for secure IMAP there? Should I add 443 as well? This was not set before Ė all that was there the default of port 80???

    Also, Iím running Exchange 2003 Ent in a 2 note A/P cluster.

    Thanks for any info-

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    Re: SSL IMAP broken after updating cert - help

    You have to update the certificate on the IMAP virtual server separately from the web site. Bring up the IMAP server properties in ESM and run the certificate wizard. Remove the current certificate and then run the wizard again, this time selecting the option to choose an existing certificate. Select the new certificate. Restart the IMAP Server service to ensure that the new setting has taken correctly.

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      Re: SSL IMAP broken after updating cert - help

      Thanks for the info. I actually did that last night. Jsut remove the cert and and started over and it worked.