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Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

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  • Delivery Status Notification (Failure)


    multiple users are facing following problem on few recipient..

    Från: Postmaster
    Skickat: den 6 februari 2008 11:56
    Till: test-ABC
    Ämne: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.


    Reporting-MTA: dns;
    Action: failed
    Status: 5.1.1


    When I use track message from ESM its going on my 5.5 exchange server but the recipient is actually on e2k3 box......

    what could be the reson and to dig the root cause..

    Sender is on e2k3/sp1
    Reciver is on e2k3/sp1

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)


    I have enable the diagnosis logging on problematic exchange server.

    attached is the application log.

    Attached Files


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      Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

      what issues from the log would you like to work on?

      lets start with the 9551 permissions error im seeing...
      Warning	2/12/2008	1:25:08 AM	MSExchangeIs Mailbox Store  9551
      this is an error seen in mixed mode enviros. here is a link to the KB that discusses the symptoms, causes, and resolutions for the 9551:
      Problems with Permissions in a Mixed Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 5.5 Environment

      the next event ID ill point out is the 9318. again, here is the KB to workaround (or better yet, resolve) this issue:
      How to troubleshoot an event ID 9318 message in Exchange Server 2003, in Exchange 2000 Server, and in Exchange Server 5.5

      next, is a closely related error: 9322. again, the KB:
      How to troubleshoot an event ID 9322 message in Exchange Server 5.5, in Exchange 2000 Server, and in Exchange Server 2003

      is this box an Exchange 2000 server? the next error not a *big* deal, but the fact that it happens every 15 minutes will fill up the logs quickly... the fix listed in the following KB is to install SP 2 for eX 2000...
      Event ID 7200 for MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store

      the 8197 has to do with exchange not being able to bind to a GC server in your network.
      Event 8197 is repeatedly logged in the Application log on a server that is running Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server

      there are several topology errors (2102, 2103, 2104) that i see towards the end. these could be cause by intermittent connectivity issues, but it more likely points towards a problem with DNS. i would think the best place to start fixing these issues is by taking a look at the event ID 1005 error and fixing it first. this may fix the rest of the issues:
      Exchange 2000 Services Do Not Start and a "0x80040a01" Error Message Is Logged

      the 9646 is covered here:
      Event ID 9646 is logged when you try to send many messages in Exchange Server 2003

      and ill stop at the 9665 error. this is cause by less than optimal memory settings. check this and see if you can work that into the rest of the clean-up.

      imo, start with the permissions errors first, then work your way thru the rest of them. you have your work cut out for ya!

      good luck!
      its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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        Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)


        Many Thanks for your reply,

        Before posting the event log I have checked max article but I was not able to figure out from where to start but you have resolved that.

        My primary question/problem is mail flow which I am getting, is these are the resons for it?

        is there a way to resolve this 1st (Mail flow issue / 5.1.1) and can then take care of other events..

        once gain Thanks.



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          Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

          im thinking that some of the mail flow issues may be because of the permissions errors your having.

          when you have a good deal of errors like your log suggests, its hard to pinpoint an exact reason why things failed.

          or it could be because of the topology errors and a GC isnt available.

          or it could be routing issue. all im saying is that the less errors there are, the easier it is to pinpoint the reason for failure.

          your going to have to fix all the errors anyways, so just knock them out starting with the permissions errors. then, verify that DNS is doing like it should with regards to your exchange setup... and you never know. you may get a few errors corrected and like magic... VIOLA! it will start to work. ya never know.

          the more information you can provide, the better. i know you have a mixed mode enviro with at least one 5.5 box and two 2003 eXSP1, but how they are connected, i have no clue. how are the smart-hosts configured? how is mail routed in your org? how and where are the stores located? all these questions are pertinent to your situation, and the logs are not enough info alone to provide a 'quick fix' to your issue.
          its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
          Give karma where karma is due...