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Exchange 5.5 mailboxes and Mapi profiles

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  • Exchange 5.5 mailboxes and Mapi profiles

    I have setup a mailbox called "accounts" on an exchange 5.5 NT4 server. What I want to do is have the individuals within the accounts department access the accounts mailbox as well as their own specific mailbox using a profile prompt when opening Outlook 2000 on their Windows 2000 workstations.

    I have setup the profiles in Outlook on the workstations, and have given the users permissions in Exchange for the accounts mailbox. However when I try to open this mailbox on the workstation, the error message states that there are insufficient permissions to perform the operation. Is this possible to overcome, and if so how?

    In this situation, it is not possible to use delegate access or to have the accounts mailbox folders open as an additional mailbox in the users Outlook.

    Please help!!

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    in xch 5.5 you cannot have more than one mailbox owner.
    therefore, you should configure a specific account as the owner, and config the outlook profiles to require password authentication for each login.

    this makes a user/pass/domain window appear at each time you try to connect to the selected profile, and there, they should enter the user and password of the user who is selected as owner of the mailbox.
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      I think the easiest way to achieve this is doing the following:

      1. Create a Global Group if it doesn't exist already with the network accounts of the persons you want to grant access to the mailbox

      2. Set the Glogal Group as the Primary Windows NT account of the mailbox.

      3. Configure Outlook on each user to access both mailboxes (by clicking on "Tools" / "Services" / "Microsoft Exchange server" and then "Advanced")

      Another thing: in Exchange 5.5 you can grant access to different windows NT accounts on a mailbox in the server. To do that just click on the tab "permissions" and add as many accounts as you wish...