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Messag Recall and Journaling Issue

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  • Messag Recall and Journaling Issue


    I have journaling enabled on our E2K server for a few users and what happen is that when the Journal mailbox is opened by another user and if a message recall is initiated from that journal mailbox, an email will get sent out from the user viewing that journal mailbox saying that the recall was successfully.

    As you can see, this causes some confusion to the user that sent the recalled message since they did not send it to that person, but recieved an email saying that it was recalled successfully.

    Kind of confusing, I know... Anyway, I was thinking of preventing the Journal mailbox from sending mail by setting a deny sending limit to 1 kb, but then again, I don't think this will work since the recall message is not being sent from the Journal mailbox, but instead from the user viewing the Journal email... Any suggestions?

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    Re: Messag Recall and Journaling Issue

    I figured it out. The user had the journal mailbox opened in addition to his mailbox. I advised the user to access the journal mailbox through File --> Open --> Other User's Folder and that prevented the recall message from being sent.