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  • Failed Exchange server help

    OK, used to have 2 domain controllers both running server 2003 standard. Last week one of the server crashed is no longer available. I did have backups of all mailboxes using exmerge.

    What I've Done:

    I have reloaded this machine with windows server 2003 standard and added it as a member server. I have also loaded exchange on it and it is functioning, sort of.

    My Problems:

    Existing users in the domain no longer have an "exchange tasks" option nor do new users have the option of creating a mailbox. I have used ADSIedit to remove the old server but it still is not right. I also can not access OWA using localhost/exchange and it just gives a 404 error.

    Can anyone shed any light on what i need to do to make AD know that there is an exchange server and work right?

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Re: Failed Exchange server help


    How you install exchange,, using /disasterrecovery switch...

    if not then its a big mess you have created,, if you have not used the disater switch then format the exchange server and recreate it using disaster switch

    do you have exchange database backup ?

    below link will help you...



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      Re: Failed Exchange server help

      As far as your "Exchange Tasks" and the option tabs for the user, that is part of the Exchange Admin setup.

      Rerun your setup (and you can/should do this on a machine that is NOT your exchange box, but you have AD User/computers on.) and install JUST the administration tools at the bottom of the install options screen. If you are 2003 only, you don't need 5.5 tools. Once you get your Exchange server up and going, you can rerun setup and add the tools to it.

      Note: If you are missing the AD user/computers tool - run adminpak.msi. Search your domain controller and you can find it.