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    I'm currently looking for a way to track emails as far as when emails are recieved, how long an email is looked at, if the email is looked at, and how many emails are recieved by day. Also, a way to track when a person logs into the server and logs out of the server. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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    Re: Logs for Server

    Email traffic is easily done - message tracking will do that. You will need a third party tool to process the logs.

    Log in/log out - again that can be done, but would need third party software to manage as it will generate a lot of logs. Outlook doesn't just login and then stay in until the user closes Outlook, it will connect and disconnect frequently.

    As for activity levels on actual messages, I am not aware of any way to record that. There is certainly nothing server side that can do that as logging to message level is not possible with Exchange.

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