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OWA opendir instead of mailbox

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  • OWA opendir instead of mailbox

    Hi there,

    first of all, I tried searching for my problem but couldn't find the right words in order to locate a similar problem on the forum.

    I have a Windows Server 2003 with Exchange 2003 with SP2 installed and everything was working perfectly! I also installed OWAadmin and tweaked some things such as changing the password through OWA.

    I don't know if it is related, but after installing php and mysql, I wanted to check my email and, after logging in OWA, I didn't see the regular mailbox theme/format with my inbox and all, but instead, I saw an opendir of the three users (just started )...

    I have a screenshot right here:

    Does this problem sound familiar to someone? Is it a simple directory rights-issue? I hope someone can help me.

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers, Ian
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    Re: OWA opendir instead of mailbox

    It looks like Directory Browsing is enabled. You need to turn that off. What other problems you have should become apparent after that.


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      Re: OWA opendir instead of mailbox

      Hi there,

      dir browsing is supposed to be enabled because after disabling it, I wasn't even able to see the directory listing
      But still, I figured it might be settings of the virtual dirs, so I followed the KB on resetting the virtual directories. Everything went wrong because the KB told me to remove DS2MB in the Metabase and the virtual dirs would be created again. Nothing happened and all my websites were gone and weren't coming back. Even after a reboot!!

      Reinstalling IIS (because the option New web site (from file) wasn't available) was the only option. After that I could recreate my virtual dirs (an from an older backup file), but my SMTP protocol was down and wasn't coming up again.... Somehow I couldn't reinstall Exchange because of the metabase error...

      Reinstalling IIS again with the store unmounted while the Exchange Info Store service was stopped did the trick. I didn't have to reinstall Exchange and could recreate the virtual dirs from file.

      Everything is working again... Let's see if I can screw it up again by installing PHP again. I thing that's where everything went wrong. Wish me luck

      Thanks for the help.


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        Re: OWA opendir instead of mailbox

        My bad. I just checked my OWA configuration and directory browsing is enabled. My sincere apologies.


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          Re: OWA opendir instead of mailbox

          It's okay... I have my opendir problem fixed right now.

          Other problems occured because of my 'repair' though. Whenever I receive an email, I get two items showing in the message tracking tool.

          The first with the correct email address and 1 line in message history (SMTP Store Driver Submitted Message to MTA)

          The other with the same timestamp with email address in the format C=US;A= ;P=First Organizati;O=Exchange;DDA:SMTP=<name>(a)<domain>; (with name and domain correct) and two lines in the history: 1. Report generated internally. 2. SMTP Store Driver: Message Submitted for Store.

          But that's not for this thread. I will open another for this problem.

          Thanks againi