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Default email address changes back - ODD???

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  • Default email address changes back - ODD???

    Hi everyone-

    I have an Windows 2003 Server Standard edition SP2 running Exchange 03. We have one AD domain on site but multiple email domains delivered to the exchange server. The default is and we use [email protected] for most of our users and it works just fine.

    We currently have a few users who use @domain2 as their default email addresses and mail gets routed in and out correctly with @domain2 being their default address in Active Directory but their login domain @domain1.

    My problem is that when I create new users to use @domain1 as their login domain and domain2 as their primary email address the system for some reason changes them back to @domain1. But there are people who currently use domain2.

    I have tried coping users who currently use domain2 but that doesn't work. Its almost like its changing it back a few minutes after I make the change to domain2. It lets me change their primary address and apply it and close the AD user properties but after a few minutes I open User/Properties and it has changed back the email address to @domain1. I have tried this multiple times with no luck and its starting to be an issue as we are hiring new people to work for domain2.

    Please help!!!

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    Re: Default email address changes back - ODD???

    That is the behaviour I would expect to see.
    Exchange 2003 has a feature called recipient update services (RUS) which is what deals with the email addresses on the user accounts. It is running pretty much constantly and will set the email addresses back to match the format recipient policy has.

    If you have a small number of accounts then you could simply deselect the option on the email address tab to allow automatic updates.
    Another option would be to configure a new recipient policy to keep the update email addresses for those users automatically.

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