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Renewing certificate breaks OWA

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  • Renewing certificate breaks OWA

    My self-issued certificate expired recently. Following published directions, I renewed the certificate.

    There appeared to be no problems during the renewal.

    Now however, my OWA is broken. Browsers trying to open the page get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

    It is important to note that this is from inside the firewall, from machines on the same subnet.

    NOTE: Even on the server, https://localhost/exchange doesnít work!

    I've restarted IIS, deleted and created a new certificate, all with no success.

    What could have gone so wrong with a certificate renewal? Suggestions for a fix?

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    Re: Renewing certificate breaks OWA

    Sounds like a duff certificate. Are you putting another Self Generated certificate on to the machine or are you putting a commercial SSL certificate on there?
    If you use http does OWA work then?

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      Re: Renewing certificate breaks OWA

      Iíve found a fix for the problem.

      I revoked the certificate.
      Removed it from the server.
      Disabled Forms-based Authentication
      Removed checkmark in Require Secure Channel (SSL) and Require 128-bit encryption on the default website.

      Tried the and OWA came up like normal, and allowed to access the Default Website through an unsecured connection.

      Created a new certificate and installed in on the server.
      Enabled Require Secure Channel (SSL) and Require 128-bit encryption on the default website.
      Enabled Forms-based Authentication

      Tried the and SSL-enabled OWA site works correctly.

      Why didnít the simple renewal of the certificate work correctly? Donít know.