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Simple/Specific question RE: front end servers

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  • Simple/Specific question RE: front end servers

    About to set up a front end 2003 exchange server to enable recipient filtering. I'm wondering if I'll be able to forward this to another SMTP server (IIS server) or if it will demand an exchange server on the backend. My objective is to do the Recipient filtering on the exchange server then pump it through yet another spam filter (non exchange) then finally to the exchange backend server.

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    Many thanks!

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    Re: Simple/Specific question RE: front end servers

    i suppose you could do that if you wanted to do so...

    i would think that you may want to rethink the flow.

    why not have all mail sent to the IIS server that is doing the filtering, then send it to the front end, then the back end...

    as i see it, you will run into problems by placing a smart host between the FE and BE.. or maybe im not understanding what your doing...

    please correct me if i am not on point.
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      Re: Simple/Specific question RE: front end servers


      You are on point and thank you. What I'd like to accomplish is anoverall reduction messages that ever reach the smart host for processing. I've actually implemented a recipient filter on the backend server already. The problem is that we recieve anywhere from 15-40k emails a day. Recipient filtering reduces this number down to <1000. 50% are still spam.

      Background: I had implemented and since removed recipient filtering via my ISP. I had to remove it because some servers (qmail?) were not attempting delivery to the secondary MX (my isp). So my server would demur and the message would eventually drop. Not an acceptable solution. Boo.

      It's such a great way to cut out the vast majority of unwanted emails that I'm having a hard tim to walk away from it.

      Thanks again,


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        Re: Simple/Specific question RE: front end servers

        What you want to do isn't possible with an Exchange frontend server: Once the message is delivered to an Exchange serve it will only deliver it to another Exchange server. You cannot send it back out to an llS server and then back in again.
        If you want to do recipient filtering before another non-Exchange server then you will have to use a third party tool on a plain IIS server that can do LDAP lookups, such us Vamsoft ORF.

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          Re: Simple/Specific question RE: front end servers

          Thanks Simon! That's what I needed to know.