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ssl activesync pushmail

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  • ssl activesync pushmail


    I have an HTC tytn2 with wm6 and i want to use my exchange server.

    I use IIS manager to synchronise with ssl with a certificate.

    I import the root certificate in the HTC and now he don't tell that the certifcate is not correct, but the probleme when i try to synchronise i have a message error "activesync meet a problem on the server 0X850010014"

    When i don't use the ssl, i synchronise normaly

    Help please

    Thanks !

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    Re: ssl activesync pushmail

    where did you get the cert? if the cert is a self-gen, then you will need to import the cert manually. imo, your better off getting a trusted 3rd party root to eliminate this issue altogether.

    im also going to guess you arent using a front end...

    also, what method did you use to set up the SSL? i would use the walk thru on the petri page to verify that your settings are correct.

    more info...
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      Re: ssl activesync pushmail

      I a create the certificat with my autoritate certificate in IIS manager.

      When i going in my page of OWA, i choose to see the certificat and i select the certificat root after i export the certificat in a files.

      I copy my certificat in the HTC and in my HTC I install him.

      I have a SBS 2003 with one exchange server 2003 standard.

      When i want to active the ssl, i open IIS manager and I go to default web site and click righ properties. I go folder security and active the ssl.

      Have you some links for view my fault ?



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        Re: ssl activesync pushmail

        If you are using a self generated certificate then you will have problems. You either need to get that certificate in to the device or replace the certificate with a commercial SSL certificate that is trusted by Windows Mobile. GoDaddy do SSL certificates that are trusted by most devices for US$20/year:

        Furthermore, as this is SBS you should not be changing settings in IIS manager manually. You should be using the wizard to enable and disable features. Therefore I would suggest that you run the connect to the internet and email wizard to configure OWA, OMA and Push email correctly once again. That wizard will also help with generating the SSL certificate request for your SSL provider.

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