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Exchange 2003 Domain Migration issue

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  • Exchange 2003 Domain Migration issue

    i'm currently migrating a group of users to a new domain and exchange server but when doing the test migration, any e-mails that the migrated users click on to reply dont have valid return to addresses. I understand that i need to set up contacts with x.500 addresses for this to work but for a manual process this is very time consuming. is there a tool out there that i can run that will automatically set up the contacts and x.500 addresses from the current global address book?

    exchange 2003 on server 2003 install. both domains have trust relationships set up but will be taken away once migration is complete.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 Domain Migration issue

    There is no tool I know of that will set the X.500 addresses for you. You could try an export/import method to adjust the accounts in bulk, but that would also be tedious as you have to adjust the list before the import.

    I also tend to find that the X.500 address method is not 100% reliable. You will have to tell users to reselect the address from the GAL fresh to be sure the email will not bounce.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 Domain Migration issue

      i had a feeling you might say that.

      thanks anyway.