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  • slow mail delivery

    Good Morning all,

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea's on this one for me....

    I have recently migrated all of my users onto two brand new Exchange Servers. These are conveniently split into Staff and Students servers.

    Both servers currently use DNS to route messages straight out.

    When i send a test e-mail from the staff server, mail seems to be delivered immediately to gmaail, yahoo and hotmail etc.

    When i send from the student mail server, there are delays of up to a few hours sometimes.

    I am guessing this is possibly due to some sort of SPAM checking? I have published an SPF record, reverse DNS MX records etc for both servers.

    I can see the messages leave the queue on Exchange straight away.

    Any ideas much appreciated!

    Cheers all
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    Re: slow mail delivery

    Are the servers in the same Exchange org?
    If they are not, how are you moving email between the servers? DNS, SMTP connectors, something else?

    What does message tracking show?

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