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Exchange 5.5.0 error

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  • Exchange 5.5.0 error

    I run an Exchange 2003 server and it works fine and have, to date, not had any issues with it. But a while back I wanted to send an email to a family member who lives in the Ukraine. When I send them an email the message is refused and I get this reply:

    There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator.
    < #5.5.0 smtp;550 direct mail from client hosts does not accepted, use your ISPs mail server>

    Doing some searching on this the closest I can get is the suggesting that relaying has something to do with this but relaying is definately NOT allowed on my server.

    I find this a strange problem as I send and receive mail from all over this planet without any problems except for this one.

    Some ideas would be appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange 5.5.0 error

    That seems like the ISP is rejecting your email because your IP address appears on a list of IP addresses that it feels are allocated to residential connections. You could check to see if your IP address appears on any of the blacklists - look for DUL blacklists (Dial Up Lists).
    Otherwise you will have to do what it says, and send email for that domain via your ISPs server using an SMTP Connector.

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      Re: Exchange 5.5.0 error


      Thank you very much for your reply. You are right in that mine is indeed a residential IP address and it certainly answers my question. Also thank you very much for the link as it makes very interesting reading and presents me with the solution to my problem. Fantastic!
      Although I am pretty certain that I don't appear on any blacklists (having checked on previous occasion) I will certain do as you suggested about DUL blacklists