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Exchange Servers's DR plan

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  • Exchange Servers's DR plan

    Hi experts,

    Let me explain little bit.

    we have 3 Dcs in single domain. A,B,C

    A is SBS2003, B,C is Std2003.

    A and B are the DCs(Ad,DNS...), C is the member server and Web.

    those three servers have exchange. we are mostly use C for the mail server.

    1. is anyone tell me that i can use 3 three exchange server as a backup and recovery plan. in case one is down, others work.

    2. since All are Service pack1, I would to upgrade to SP2.
    But i am afraid to that. maybe something's going on, my boss kill me.
    please tell me any comparibilities for that task.

    3. Recommend nice Anti-Spam filter on exchange server. almost 200 users we have.

    Any suggestion, Very helpful.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Exchange Servers's DR plan

    As a general rule, do not have Exchange on a DC (SBS excepted). If you have already set it up that way, do NOT unpromote the DC as it WILL break Exchange (

    Re Exchange SP2 -- not had any problems with it for a long time. I think you will need to upgrade all your Exchange servers at the same time.

    Anti-Spam, everyone has their own preferences. I like PolicyPatrol as it offers other useful features in the Enterprise version (Disclaimers, Signatures, Archiving...), but you will get numerous different suggestions. What AV do you use-- does it have an Exchange plug-in?
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      Re: Exchange Servers's DR plan

      While you can separate Exchange users over multiple servers, there is nothing built in that will allow fail over. You would have to go to clustering or use something like DoubleTake to mirror the server if you want that.

      Exchange 2003 SP2 is a relatively simple installation. It is now well over two years old and really you should have deployed it a long time ago. The only issue with it is version 1 of IMF, which needs to be removed before it is installed.

      As for Antispam, my preferred option is Vamsoft ORF with greylisting enabled, with IMF enabled on the Exchange server itself. That is dealing with most of it. Recipient filtering is also enabled to drop mis-addressed email.

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        Re: Exchange Servers's DR plan

        You state you have SBS2003 (Server A) and then later mention you have 200 users. SBS 2003 has a 75 user limit. How are you running 200 users or have I misunderstood your setup?
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          Re: Exchange Servers's DR plan

          Thanks for reply. Everyone.

          I updated sp2 today just for primary exchange server.(should i update all servers?)
          it looks fine but outlook user
          If user have pop3 setting at outlook, they keep download duplicated email over and over. I don't know why this happens.

          to biggles77,
          Since we did setup sbs 2003 box, we transited to std using transition pack.
          It looks working fine.
          That's why we can have lots users in sbs2003(this isn't my idea)

          is IMF working fine? or should buy third party AV for the exchange server?
          It is first time to manage mail server.
          Please exchange experts give me right track.

          It was very helpful though, thanks