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Exchange 2003 SMTP aliases not working

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  • Exchange 2003 SMTP aliases not working

    We use Postini and have been using two domain aliases. I added a third and SMTP tests from Postini to my mail server (SBS 2003) fail. The tests are successful for the first two domain aliases, but the third fails.

    Initially, I added an SMTP address in my AD account for this new domain. I thought that's all I had to do. But incoming connections generate an error. I then modified the recipient policy, but this was duplicative of adding the SMTP address manually.

    Are there any other settings in Exchange that I would've setup to possibly lock down the server or somehow restrict incoming connections for only certain domains?

    Would restarting Exchange services (or restarting the server) do any help?

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    Re: Exchange 2003 SMTP aliases not working

    Adding email domains to recipient policy is NOT a duplicate of adding email addresses to the user accounts.
    Recipient policy not only configures email addresses on the user accounts but it also tells the server what domains to accept email for.
    Did the user accounts get an email address in that domain automatically, or did you add it manually to the account?

    Do you have anything else installed on the server that may need to be updated with a list of domains - av or antispam software for example.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 SMTP aliases not working

      Thank you for your response.

      I was under the impression that the Recipients Policy was only for automatically updating exchange accounts or a sort of template for new exchange accounts.

      Either time or a little more tinkering with the settings finally did it. Kind of weird, but it's working now.

      Thanks for your help.