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Changing of Exchange Administrator Password

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  • Changing of Exchange Administrator Password

    Hi All
    The old admin has left and we need to change the exchange admin password. i believe that it is not as easy as just changing a password.
    Please help

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    Re: Changing of Exchange Administrator Password

    From exchange point of view there is not such dependacies on the password.

    But if the same account is being used as any service account then there might be serious issues as the service configured under the same account might get stop and may cause the downtime. (Although it's always recommended to have dedicated service accounts).

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      Re: Changing of Exchange Administrator Password

      It would help if you confirmed what version of Exchange you are using.
      If it is Exchange 200x then as long as the default configuration has not been changed, the password change should not affect Exchange itself. Look for any services using that account. While Exchange may not be using it, a dependancy may do - backup, av etc.

      After changing the password I would suggest that you reboot the server and check for anything that hasn't started correctly.

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        Re: Changing of Exchange Administrator Password

        As mentioned previously if the user account used for Microsoft Exchange administrator role is configured to log on as a service, changing the password will prevent the service from starting. To determine if the user account has been configured to log on as a service use the psservice utility available from to view the service descriptor information for all installed services using the following command:

        psservice security
        You may also use psloggedon.exe to determine which systems either locally or remotely the user account is logged on also available from the sysinternals website using the following command
        MCSA 2000/2003