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rpc/https directory not connecting

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  • rpc/https directory not connecting

    I am working on a front end server which is connecting mail only, but public folders and gal are not connecting. I have done all the troubleshooting from the various guides I have read and have not had any success, please advise.

    Thank you

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    Re: rpc/https directory not connecting

    If I remember correctly the Backend has the public folders and Needs a port open between the Front and and back end to ensure they communicate.

    I think we opened TCP ports 6001-6004 between the front end and back end on our DMZ access controls to allow this communication to happen.

    The Document below is more specific. We have other ports open between the two for different tools so I may be mistaken.
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      Re: rpc/https directory not connecting

      Is there anything between the frontend and the backend server? A firewall for example? if there is then I would suggest that you review your network setup as Exchange servers are not designed to be placed in to a DMZ or have a firewall between them.

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