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  • Rpc- Over Http


    I am using Exchange server 2003 and my all users is accessing mailbox from RPC-OVER HTTPS in Microsoft outlook, It was working fine without issue.

    But I have changed now my exchange server IP and also I have changed all the dns record, now I am able to access OWA from any location,and also no problem with email send / receive, but I could not connect with RPC-OVER HTTPS from remote location I was all working fine before IP change, it gives error "server name could not resolve or mailbox name not found" but I have waited 24 hour, infect dns is resolving from client pc by PING, NSLOOKUP, etc

    Is there any changes I have to do about RPC-OVER HTTPS?
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    Re: Rpc- Over Http

    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /registerdns

    try that. also check your hosts file
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      Re: Rpc- Over Http

      You shouldn't need to make any changes to the RPC over HTTPS configuration. However as it uses web interfaces I would start with that. Ensure that you can use OWA using HTTPS form the machine. If you cannot then the problem is not with RPC over HTTPS. Test it inside the network as well. If it works inside but not outside then it is the firewall, DNS or something like that.

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