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SBS 2003 Exmerge & Hebrew

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  • SBS 2003 Exmerge & Hebrew


    I'm trying to export mailboxes to PST files and followed all the articles on that subject including petri's article, but still getting hebrew subjects and folder names in jibrish.

    Here are the relevant lines in the log file:

    Current machine locale id is 0x409
    0x40d is not supported locale. using current machine default locale (0x409
    using '(english (US)' (0x409) as the default locale (code page 1252
    all mailboxes will be processed, regardless of locale
    using default locale for all mailboxes

    My regional settings on the server are:

    In the first tab: English (United States) - Location: United States
    In the second tab: Right handed langueges is marked of course
    In the third tab (Advanced): English (United States) at the top of the window.

    My questions are:

    * What can be the reason for the Jibrish accourding to the log file ?
    * Is the command-line switches are case-sensative ? i was them lower case "exmerge -f exmerge.ini -b -d"
    * Is it possible that the issue occour because the language setting on the server ? what setting i have to change & should it not damage anything else on the exchange ? (Like folders default language, owa language, etc.)

    And one last thing, in petri's article it says to enter those lines in the ini file:


    when i checked this on the internet it seems like the values are reversed, the locale id for hebrew is 1037 & not 1255 and the codepage for hebrew is 1255 & not 1037.
    BTW - when i tryied to switch the values the same issue occourd.

    * Is there a way that the article has a mistake on those values ?

    Thank You for Any Help