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Public Folder Accessing Problem

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  • Public Folder Accessing Problem


    I have 2000 exchange server and 2003 exchange server as member of 2000 exchange server. I have 5-6 public folder in Exchange and permission configured on it so all users are able to view that all public folder in microsoft outlook and OWA but only one user is not able to access some folder from microsoft outlook but that user can able to access all publoc folder from OWA.

    That user gets this message "Unable to display the folder. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object. See the folder contact or your system Administrator"

    I checked folder property in MS Outlook from that user login and checked Summary tab so found Reviewer permission on that perticular folder but that user is not able to view that folder so please give me any solution if anyone have...

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    Re: Public Folder Accessing Problem

    Try the same by using a new profile for the user.....

    Kapil Sharma
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