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NDR 5.1.1 when sending an appointment

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  • NDR 5.1.1 when sending an appointment

    We have a very STARNGE problem even difficult to explain
    First I want to remark that I read the article “finding delegates in active directory”

    When I send and appointment to user Orna I receive an ndr 5.1.1 about user Ittai !!

    User Orna was delegated to Ittai .
    User Ittai was ITai (one “t”) a longe time ago.

    Orna recive the appointment

    BUT! When I open the ndr and I select send again then
    I right click at the name of Ittai nar the to field and click properties
    I can see where the mail was delivered to when (the really email)
    And I see at the display name


    Itai one “T” !!

    I make a file with csvde and didn’t found “ITAI” 1 “T” at all.

    I have many questions and a few about exchange .

    1 When I send and appointment where is the mail I send?
    2 How can I track it?
    3 From where the calendars take the address?
    4 Where I suppose to browse from adsiedit.msc to find display names
    5 Where are the delegates rules or permissions to send appointment on behalf some one
    If this person isn’t delegate to send mail on behalf just appointments!
    6 Where I can find the “ITAI” error? I think is something at the exchange mess.

    Thank you for reading at the end any help will be grate!

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    Re: NDR 5.1.1 when sending an appointment

    There will be a delegate somewhere. Have you looked in the recipients Outlook for a delegate? If the recipient who is generating the message has other delegates then you could use the delegate reset method.

    1. Remove all delegates
    2. Add a new delegate who was not listed before and would not have been listed in the past.
    3. Restart Outlook.
    4. Wait 30 minutes or so for the domain to catch up.
    5. Remove that delegate.
    6. Restart Outlook.
    7. Add the other delegates back in again.

    This flushes the delegate system out and will often clear up a hidden delegate that generates errors.

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      Re: NDR 5.1.1 when sending an appointment


      DIDN'T HELP.

      I wiil make more trys before i delete the account just becouse i really curious where the problem is