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Exchange 03 - How to add and combine 2 domains into one data store?

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  • Exchange 03 - How to add and combine 2 domains into one data store?

    I'm not sure if the title is really correct for what I want to do but here goes.

    I have a client with 20 desktops, 12 laptops and 12 mobile pda's all connecting to a single server Exchange 2003 sp2 installation (using Daniel's how-to's on this site - thanks Daniel). The client has changed their domain name and now I need to find a way to transition this server over to the new domain.

    I have added the new domain to the user policies and tested that ok with the internal Outlook clients. My problem is getting the laptops and phones migrated over one by one. On a single server installation, how do I setup oma, https owa, rpc over http, etc. for the new domain on this server and have the mail delivered into the same store as the old domain? I have already created the mx records for this new domain.

    The phones and laptops are the only clients allowed to connect with the Exchange server from the outside world using active-sync and rpc over http. I have a Mdaemon front end gateway which filters all incoming and outgoing smtp mail. Mail from the old and new domains is passed to and from the Exchange server.

    So I guess my bottom line question is how do I duplicate the IIS structure for the new domain name so I can give it a new domain ssl cert and have it feed the mail to/from the old domain store? I will need to keep the old domain active until it is no longer receiving mail.

    Thanks for any info or pointers to where I can find a procedure for this.


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    Re: Exchange 03 - How to add and combine 2 domains into one data store?

    I think you are trying to over-complicate things.
    The existing deployment can stay in place. Unless you are loosing the domain name at some point in the future then you can continue to use it.
    Trying to duplicate the IIS configuration is not very easy, and for some things, such as RPC Over HTTPS it is not supported outside of the default web site.

    If you want to change the SSL certificate then unfortunately that will have to be done in a big bang, as you cannot have two SSL certificates on the same site.

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