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OWA Certificate error

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  • OWA Certificate error

    Hello all,
    Despite being able to "successfully import" the certificate from win 2003 server when starting owa, I still get the red "certificate error" whenever i attept to login.

    If i view the certificate it says:

    Issued to:

    Issued by "

    Valid from 19/11/2007 to 19/11/2012

    However, the URL I am keying in is -

    Note the "-" in the domain name. Is this my problem? And how do I fix it?

    I set up the server's AD name as xyz123.local leaving out the dash in the name. I think the setup procedure has taken this to the certificate level as well?

    Can anyone help

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: OWA Certificate error

    The "Common Name" on the certificate must match the FQDN of the server you're trying to reach. Not just a bit, not almost, but 100% match.

    Remember, renaming servers, especially Exchange servers, DCs and other like them, might be more painful in the long run than paying the extra 18$ per year for Godaddy to get that new certificate...

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: OWA Certificate error

      Thanks for the message. I hear what you are saying.

      Just for info though, how can I check the common name on the certificate at the moment?

      Happy new year to you all.

      Kind regrads


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        Re: OWA Certificate error

        1. Open your IIS on the web server.

        2. Go to the properties of your web-site.

        3. Click on view certificate under "Directory Security" tab there.

        4. Just check the "Issued to" option to check the same.

        As Daniel said that the URL that you are typing should be same (each and every char.) on the certificate but in your case your are typing the url "" and the certificate is issued to

        You need to make it correct.
        Kapil Sharma
        Life is too short, Enjoy It.