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Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0F) [solved]

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  • Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0F) [solved]

    I had an error message from a user on my domain today that popped up after installing Sunbelt Software Ninja Email Security on an SBS 2003 Premium Server SP1 with Exchange 2003 SP2. The error was Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0F). At first I was baffled because at work everything worked just fine, it was not until I tried from home that I found the problem. I had enabled RBL Check on Ninja. When I tried sending a message from home I got an error that read The SMTP server could not send the message: 550 Message Rejected because of RBL Policy.

    I am sharing this because if I had the error using this software combination others are likely to run into this at some point. The short term solution was to disable the RBL Check. The long term solution will be to see who has black listed my server and get it removed, but for now my users are happy which means I am happy.


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    Re: Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0F) [solved]

    read KB 813514 and see if the steps outlined help you any. there may be something you overlooked...

    and the other thing... usually when you have to deal with RBL problems, the response you get back from the opposing email server will include the RBL it used... this response didnt include that?

    do you have all the mail routed thru the same IP in and out?

    and the other thing.. you said:
    When I tried sending a message from home I got an error
    how did you send the message from home? via OWA? smartphone?

    you need to go to and do a full domain check to find out where the RBL is coming from so you can resolve it. dnsstuff will give you the reason it why fails any RBLs or open relay tests and also a link on how to fix your problem as well as links to the RFC standards for that specific test... use the "DNSreport" tool and the "Email Test" to get started.
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