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  • No attachments OMA ActiveSync


    I have a SBS 2003 R2 SP2 running with Exchange SP2 including all possible Windows Updates.
    Connecting our HTC TyTN II PDA/Smartphones using Windows Mobile 6.0 over SSL (443) works fine except for one thing.. attachments in mail are not downloaded nor can our users send a attachment, only plain e-mails without attachments are send and received succesfully.

    The ActiveSync settings in the PDA/Smartphones are configured to receive all mails including attachments regardless to their size..
    The only port in our company firewall which is open is port 443, should this be enough to send and/or receive attachments?

    Sending a email with a small attachment (30Kb) stays in the outbox on the PDA/Smartphone and ActiveSync exposes a 'attention required' what says that there are emails in the outbox which cannot be send, no error code whatsoever..
    On the server side (SBS2K3-R2) logfiles there are no errors at all, so I'm 'down and out' to this issue.

    Receiving a email with a attachment (let's say a txt file) won't open and clicking on it there comes a 'option pop-up' that says the attachment can be downloaded, which we then follow. The statusbar is showing 'receiving' and disappears after a little while but clicking again on the attachment shows again the 'option pop-up' that says that the attachment can be downloaded....etc.
    Again no listed errors in the logfiles on the serverside....

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    Much appreciated,


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    Re: No attachments OMA ActiveSync

    Your post title is a bit misleading because OMA does not allow attachments anyway, so I'd change it if I were you.

    Anyway, did you try a different device? Does it happen to all devices?

    And yes, port 443 is all you need to open on the FW.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: No attachments OMA ActiveSync

      Hello DanielP,

      Yes the posting is somehow confusing but that's the 'fault' of Microsoft which speaks about Outlook Mobile Access but actually it is ActiveSync on a Mobile Phone...

      But anyway the problem is solved it was the Windows Mobile 6.0 software on the HTC Smartphone, a 'hard' reset of the ROM did the trick. The downside was that everything had to be installed and configured again.

      The solution came from the support department of HTC Europe which was very helpful.. but thanks for your reply.

      With best regards,



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        Re: No attachments OMA ActiveSync

        We have the same problem.

        We also use HTC equipment but also HP.
        On both devices occurs the same error. Some attachments are not downloaded. It seems only office 2003 documents will not work.

        When I receive an email with a word 2003 or excel 2003 document I cannot download it on my phone (HTC/HP). After I forward the same mail without opening or trying to download attachment, to my own email adress, I can open, download and read it all.

        When I convert this document to word/excel 2000 or 2007, there are also NO problems!!

        Is there an explanation?
        Can anyone give me some in depth information on how exchange handels this? Whitepaper or book?