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Outlook 2000/XP

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  • Outlook 2000/XP

    Hi all,
    i have a problems with my end user.
    She said that her outlook cant open attachement
    the error looks like this

    Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachement: test.mdb.
    Anyone know what caused this problem and how i can settle this problem.

    Other informations are all the end user at that site around 20 peoples are facing the same problems.
    All using Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 Pro.
    And Outlook 2000.
    Only file type *.mdb cant open meanwhile other file extension can be open through attachment.

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    Hi sQew,

    mdb-files are classified from outlook to "security level 1" and are blocked. The outlook help tells, that it is impossible to change this. So this is not a problem, itīs a feature.

    Maybe that the gurus can give you a workaround, but I would zip the mdb files and send them as archive.



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      Check out this app. The 2003 version works well but I haven't use the XP version.
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        Thanks .
        I have give alla the possible solutions to them, will update soon.


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          First save the attachment as a separate file, then you should be able to open it outside Outlook.


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            jsave ur self the trouble and put it inside a zip file
            -- ToR911 --


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              Putting it in a zip file or giving it a "safe" file extension would require special action by the sender. That may not always be possible.