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5.1.1 NDR when emailing moved mailbox user

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  • 5.1.1 NDR when emailing moved mailbox user


    All exchange 2003 servers, and all clients using outlook 2003.

    I have been having an issue with a user's mailbox and have deleted the mailbox and recreated it on another mail store. Mailbox has been established and email addresses populated and entered a few extras that were present in the user's old account.

    Tested sending email and it works fine, but the user is reporting that some people are getting 5.1.1 NDRs when emailing her internally. Not a organisation wide issue, the user is receiving mail but there are a few important people that are not able to email her.

    Found some articles referring to the exchange legacy DN, and that this may be causing the problem. Some of the issues have been caused by users emailing the autocomplete address rather than opening the GAL and selecting the user. But these few users that still cannot email are selecting the address from the GAL, with no luck.

    What is the AD entry for internal addressing that would have changed with the recreation of the new mailbox and how can I resolve this issue ? Is this simply a case that the users in question do not have an updated GAL, could client side caching cause this ?

    Any information is appreciated.